Property Management/

Seasonal House Watching

Let's face it, going away can be stressful for many different reasons. Don't let worrying about your home be one of them. We can provide you with services that will allow you to have some peace of mind while you are away. Services include but are not limited to:

Weekly,Bi-weekly or monthly home visits.

Meet technicians upon your request.

Receive packages/collect mail.

Store outdoor furniture or button up outdoor areas while you are away.

Mirrors & Light Fixtures Installation.

Hanging mirrors can be a difficult and delicate task, but with an experienced professional we can provide a safe and attractive installation. From mirrors, artwork, sculptures, wall shelves, accessories and light fixtures, we hang them ALL.

Furniture Assembly

Furniture assembly doesn't have to be a chore. We ​​assemble it so you don't have to. Leave your home, office, patio furniture and retail furniture to us. 

Delivery & Installation

All furniture is wrapped in blankets for safety and protection, and white-glove treatment is provided for all pieces. Protection & Care are the highest priority for our delivery teams. Our delivery team will unpack and place furniture into your home where it's needed, and adjust it to your likeness. Our team members are equipped with all necessary tools to complete the job and make sure you reach your satisfaction. 

Receiving & Warehousing

Our receiving warehouse thoroughly inspects, documents and photographs all shipments that come into our facilities. We have the facilities to provide you a wide variety, long term & short term warehousing solutions. 


Chauffeur services